The ACI residency center is situated in a beautiful former noble's estate. We are nestled on nine acres in the Umbrian countryside, 1 Km from the 13th century hill town of Corciano and 10 Km from the larger city of Perugia. The campus consists of the noble home called Villa Pieve; the Conference Center which includes partitioned individual studio spaces, a lecture hall, offices and related facilities; the "Country House" (a 17th century, newly renovated and quite comfortable, air conditioned facility in which all residents live); and a private, centuries old park, dotted with olive trees and vineyards. Across from the campus is the Castello di Pieve del Vescovo, a centuries old castle and fortress, which is now a national monument. This ancient building was once the summer residence of Pope Leo XIII, and was used as a summer retreat by bishops from the Catholic Church until the beginning of the twentieth century.


Those selected to participate in the residency are provided with a private or shared room, studio space for artists, meals and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in which to work.

Residents enjoy a newly renovated room, with Wi-Fi, TV, a/c, heat, and a private bath. Bathrooms are cleaned daily, towels and sheets changed weekly. A laundry service is available. Breakfast consists of rolls, pastries, yogurt, cappuccino, juice, coffee and tea. Residents have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing meal at the end of the day with other residents at a shared table. Dinners are traditional Italian meals of antipasti, pasta as a first course, meat or fish, and vegetables for the second course, concluding with fruit, or a dessert. Beverages, including wine, accompany the meal.  

Above: Aerial view of the facilities including the villa at the top. On the bottom right in this view is the conference center, with work spaces, offices and auditorium. On the bottom left of this aerial view are the "Country House" residences.  

Left: The country house, where your air conditioned (a rarity in Italy) housing is located.

Right: Your rooms and terrace.  

Below:  Images from the interior of the villa including interior and

exterior dining facilities, the "Red Room", views of some of the grounds and the Castle across the street.


Across the street from the residency facilities is Castello di Pieve del Vescovo (below), a centuries old castle and fortress which is now a national monument.  This medieval building was once the summer residence of Pope Leo XIII, and was used as a Summer retreat by bishops from the Catholic Church until the beginning of the twentieth century.

The castle is surrounded by vineyards, fields and wonderful vistas.


Below are images of your housing, workspaces and the surrounding area.


Below: Work spaces (2019 resident Nathan Brujis on the left, Roberta Staat on the right) and the garden outside your work spaces


Center: Dinner in the Villa


Below left and right: The area and grounds surrounding the residency.


The residency complex includes a private nine acre park surrounding

your work spaces and housing.


Someone should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day.  Do it I say!  Whatever you want, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.

Pope John Paul VI

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